Our expert knowledge enables us to hit the mark by delivering precision printed parts in ABS plastic or in eco-friendly PLA at very high tolerance of up to 0.1mm and in a wide variety of colors.  We can get your designs printed and delivered quickly!

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Company History

The company is a subsidiary of Phalanx Media Networks, LLC.  Because of our own design work we started working with fabrication of parts made in CAD.  Later in 2013 we decide to open this service to the public and started Augusta 3D Printing.


Looking to the future

We spend a LOT of time printing and researching the technology as a whole and we like to stay on the bleeding edge of this new and exciting technology.  Never before has it been so easy for anyone to make their ideas come to life and bring new products to market without the need for expensive and time consuming process of prototyping.  This is rapid prototyping, it's fast and inexpensive, and anybody can do it!  And thanks to our service you don't even have to invest $1000's of dollars in equipment!


1200 Peachtree Street

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Louisville, GA 30434


E: info@augusta3dprinting.com

P: (478) 377-4041


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